Information sharing between devices


Step-by-step process

To setup the hardware, we provide the step-by-step setup process as follows:

Step 1

Set up the router wifi gateway IP address in the router admin website, normally you should find it on the label of your router.

Step 2

Make sure both Machine A and Machine B are connecting to the same network.

Set up the fixed IP for different machine in a same network.

For machine A(xin):

For example, you can set IP of this machine to be :

For machine B(carma):

For example, you can set the IP of this machine to be

Step 3

Set up the configuration in the /etc/hosts:

Step 4

In the intersection computer, using the ros code in the catkin_ws_intersection_merge directory to merge both lidar from infra and vehicle.

Navigate to the catkin_ws_intersection_merge:

source devel/setup.bash
roslaunch mapping_ucla-main mapping_ucla.launch